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3 Great Reasons To Create An Effective AuthorCentral Page on Amazon

3 Great Reasons To Create An Effective AuthorCentral Page on Amazon


Finishing a book is often a labor of love, a bucket list item, for many writers.

Marketing the book? Not so much.

It can be difficult and frustrating for authors to switch from the mindset of creating to marketing.

However, long-term success as a self-published author absolutely requires your platform to be established. There is a finite amount of money spent in an exponentially crowded marketplace. Capturing your share requires effective marketing.

One of the smartest ways to market your work as an author is on Amazon directly. After all, it’s the largest eBook retailer in the world. It also allows you to promote yourself directly to book buyers, which isn’t always the case outside of Amazon.

If you’ve ignored your Amazon Author Central page, read on to discover the three main benefits of setting one up.

Reason 1 - Connect With Buyers, Not Browsers

One of the key advantages Amazon has over other marketing efforts is the fact its customers consist of people looking to spend money on books.

If you setup an author blog, you can’t guarantee that the visitors will be looking to buy. Even if they are, it’s probably a lot less convenient than it would be on Amazon.

By taking the time to create an attractive, useful and value-packed Author Central page, you ensure that your efforts will be seen by qualified customers directly. Very few people browse author profiles on an online retail platform for fun! The people who see your page will be in the process of evaluating whether to buy your books, and the quality of your page could be the tipping point either way.

Aside from the short-term benefit of increasing one-off sales, your Author Central page also allows you to build a long-term community of fans. Interested readers can read your external blog content directly on Amazon, and even follow you to receive updates on your latest work.

There is no busier online marketplace for book buyers than Amazon. If you miss the chance to market to them directly, you’re making a big mistake.

Reason 2 - Express Yourself Visually

Think about how much more effective an advert with images is than one with just text.

Author Central offers the opportunity for you to use photos and videos in order to connect with readers.

If you put yourself in the position of a book buyer, wouldn’t you want the chance to know what an author looks like? Showing readers who you are is an instant way to appear more authoritative than a faceless pen name. If someone is trying to choose between two books, and all else being equal, one book has an author with a quality photo and a well presented page, and the other is anonymous, which is the more attractive prospect?

Author photos aren’t the only visual capability offered by Author Central. You can also add videos, such as book trailers, and display all of your book covers in one location. Featuring high quality videos is a great way to engage with potential buyers and to differentiate yourself from other authors.

Reason 3 - Editorial Reviews

It isn’t exactly breaking news to state that Amazon reviews don’t have the best reputation.

Frustrations exist for both buyers and authors. For buyers, it can be difficult to know whether reviews, either positive or negative, are genuine. For authors, it’s tricky to keep track of exactly what Amazon does and does not allow at any given time. The Amazon review policy is becoming increasingly strict and reviews often vanish without warning or explanation.

Your Author Central Page allows you to add editorial reviews directly. Think about how valuable this is. One good editorial review carries infinitely more legitimacy than a five star review from a random customer.

If you’ve created a book worth reading, you should be able to find other people within your genre or niche to read and review your work. If a book is endorsed by respected figures, it’s a much easier choice for a browser to hit buy than if it was only recommended by regular customers.

Take control of your reviews and give your book the most attractive reputation possible.


Get Inspired And Setup Author Central

Hopefully you now see that Author Central is something you can’t afford to ignore.

If your competition isn’t making the most of Author Central, you have an easy opportunity to gain a competitive advantage by doing so. If your competition is already benefiting from their author pages, you need to catch up.

To get started, check out some author central page examples, see what writers you admire are doing with their pages. Take inspiration from their ideas (without plagiarising!) and get started on your own page.

Why miss out on the chance to strengthen your author brand and connect directly with readers on the world’s biggest eBook marketplace?

Start today and reap the benefits in the long-term.


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