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10 Authors Who Have Used Great-Looking Facebook Pages To Increase Book Sales

10 Authors Who Have Used Great-Looking Facebook Pages To Increase Book Sales

Marketing your eBook is arguably one of the most important jobs of the self-published author.
Once your well-written and perfectly formatted eBook is being sold from the digital shelves  of Amazon's KDP store many authors become complacent, wondering why your eBook sales are not performing as they should.

eBook marketing is a wide-ranging topic, covering many different online channels.
To help simplify your job as a self-published author I have focused on the the giant of the top 3 social media channels. (Those being Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter). In this post I have selected 10 authors who have attracted a massive fanbase and following on Facebook.

Have a look at how each author markets to their fans, the special offers made to entice sales as well as the configuration and layout of their Facebook author page. Is their anything you can learn from these best-selling authors, I think so.


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#1 Paulo Coelho


The author of The Alchemist takes out the top spot with 22.7 million Facebook “likes”. Coelho is unquestionably the book industry’s social media powerhouse. He has been active on Facebook since 2008 and this impressive fan count puts the 65-year-old Brazilian in the company of rockstar Facebookers like Mariah Carey and Christina Aguilera. Unlike most of his fellow top-performing Facebook authors, Coelho also has a huge Twitter following (9.6 million followers, putting him comfortably ahead of well-known Twitterer Stephen Fry’s 7.9 million followers), and is an active blogger.

Visit the Facebook page for Paulo Coelho


#2 Dan Brown


Dan Brown has been off the best-seller lists for a while, but Brown has built a solid Facebook platform which will be a big help with promotion of his new novel Inferno. Brown is at pains to point out that he “does NOT administer this page. It is run by his office” whose efforts have taken the blockbuster thriller writer to the number 2 spot among authors on Facebook with 6.8 million likes.

Visit the Facebook page for Dan Brown


#3 Chetan Bhagat


Indian investment banker and part-time writer Chetan Bhagat is India’s best-selling English-language novelist with more than a million copies of his five books sold, according to his publisher Rupa. And the 30-something Bhagat, who’s kept his investment-banking day job, is an effective Facebooker with 5.9 million likes.

Visit the Facebook page for Chetan Bhagat


#4 Gabriel García Márquez


U.S. publisher Alfred A. Knopf /Vintage Books manage the Facebook page for Love in the Time of Cholera writer Gabriel García Márquez which has 5.8 million likes. It’s a simple, no-frills page, updated infrequently, mostly with quotes taken from the author’s work and sometimes in both Spanish and English to tap into the author’s large Latin American following.

Visit the Facebook page for Gabriel García Márquez


#5 Maya Angelou


American poet and octogenarian Maya Angelou takes out the second spot with 5.7 million likes. Angelou’s page includes a bookstore app that lets users purchase her books directly from publisher Random House. A “Browse my books”  app lists her titles and points to several retailers but offers no samples to download.

Visit the Facebook page for Maya Angelou


#6 James Patterson


Writing factory and ex-ad man James Patterson is unsurprisingly a top performer on Facebook as well, with 3.9 million likes.  He shares his page between his traditional thriller titles and his Middle School kids’ series. Patterson uses chapter samplers regularly in his promotion, including Facebook page apps that open up a group of chapters to fans who “like” the promotion.

Visit the Facebook page for James Patterson


#7 Dean Koontz


Thriller writer Dean Koontz clocks up 1.4 million likes to take the seventh spot. In spite of the impressive numbers, most of the posts on Koontz’s page attract limited interest from fans, often just a few hundred likes. The updates have the feel of scheduled PR posts (which they no doubt are), with little character and personality shining through.

Visit the Facebook page for Dean Koontz


#8 Danielle Steel


In spite of its simple formula, Danielle Steel’s Facebook page has managed to attract 1.1 million likes. The core of the page’s content is a very brief, chatty monthly newsletter from the author, supplemented by occasional new book announcements.

Visit the Facebook page for Danielle Steel


#9 Haruki Murakami


The Facebook page of publicity-shy Japanese author Haruki Murakami is ranked 9th with 892 730 likes.  It is another top-ranking author page managed by U.S. publisher Alfred A. Knopf/Vintage Books.

Once again, the page is a fairly formulaic series of posts with quotes from the author’s works and publicity announcements, prompting one fan to comment: ‘Haruki, use FB to share ideas, rather than to market your past.’

Visit the Facebook page for Haruki Murakami


#10 Neil Gaiman


U.S.-based English fantasy writer, screenwriter and graphic novelist Neil Gaiman takes the 10th spot with 767,309 likes and a page which is clearly Gaiman’s own. He uses it extensively to promote his appearances, and Gaiman injects plenty of chatty snippets into the page’s timeline where he posts daily. It’s a style that translates well to Twitter where Gaiman has more than 2.09 million followers.

Visit the Facebook page for Neil Gaiman


Are their any other well known authors you can think of that should be listed here too?

Let us know via the comments below.


Many thanks go to Martin Taylor from from whom this content has been adapted.

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